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Your eyes are the most important part of your face as far as showing your age. Dr.Hall has replaced lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with re-volumizing fillers, Botox and/ or a skin tightening, wrinkle reducing treatment. He has not done a lower blepharoplasty in years because of better results with fillers, chemical peels, ThermiSmooth and Gentle Max Pro treatments. Loss of volume of the cheekbones area causes the development of fatty lower eyelid bags and deepening of the tear troughs beside them. You know: “The Tired Look”. Filling the tear troughs from beneath with injectable fillers such as Belotero or Bellafill is the answer to this problem without surgery. If there is significant wrinkles of the lower eyelids, these are felt with Thermismooth, Gentle Max Pro laser or a Deep Chemical Peel. A Deep Chemical Peel will also tighten droopy upper eyelid skin without surgery and last years longer than standard upper blepharoplasty. Rejuvenating your eyes is critical in the facial rejuvenating plan.