For many, Laser Hair Removal is a longer lasting and more thorough alternative to methods like tweezing and shaving but there are also some who are put off by the option because of the skin irritation and time consumption sometimes associated with it.

Facials and Fillers Aesthetic Center, located in Morehead City, is glad to offer a method of Laser Hair Removal that attempts to avoid those issues with the Gentlemax Pro®, designed to work more safely and with a higher level of comfort than other lasers intentioned for the same treatment.

If Laser Hair Removal has always seemed enticing but at the same time too intimidating to try out, contact us at our office and discover whether the Gentlemax Pro® could be just what you’ve been looking for.

How Does the Gentlemax Pro® Work?

The Gentlemax Pro® beams light energy into the skin, where it is absorbed by hair follicles. Pigments in the follicles from the treated area receive the energy and then remove the excess amount of hair while also preventing it from growing again.

The duration of the treatment is largely dependent on the area being treated. Though each pulse of the laser takes less than a second to be transferred, it covers a space that is the size of a small coin. Areas that are relatively small, like the upper lip and chin, may take only a few minutes to be treated, while larger areas like the back and legs may take up to an hour.

After the treatment, it is recommended that patients avoid direct sunlight as it take from the procedures efficiency.

What Makes the Gentlemax Pro® Stand Out?

The Gentlemax Pro® utilizes an adjustable, dual wavelength system to intentioned to remove hair more accurately than other lasers used for the same purpose. This allows for the energy to be more directly absorbed by the follicle rather than the surrounding dermis. Lasers with fixed wavelengths tend to work more rigidly, leading to a greater chance of accidentally damaging healthy skin cells that cover and surround the follicle.

Working with an adjustable wavelength means that the Gentlemax Pro® is capable of treating a wider range of skin tones because the energy can be tailored to avoid coming into contact with melanin, which controls pigmentation, and when interfered with, can result in unwanted alterations in skin color.

Is the Gentlemax Pro® Safe?

The safety of the Gentlemax Pro® is dependent on the individual and a consultation with one of our medical professionals is necessary to make sure that the procedure happens without complication.

During this consultation, your medical history will be discussed to find out if the Gentlemax Pro® is the right option to meet your aesthetic goals. In case that it isn’t, we will have a conversation with you and explain our available alternatives to the treatment to see if any of them could meet your needs.

Do I Qualify?

The consultation appointment that takes place before the procedure is when candidacy is made sure of, but most healthy adults have a good chance of being qualified for the treatment. Contact us today, set up your own consultation, and find out for yourself if the Gentlemax Pro® is the right hair removal option for you. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have about the procedure.