Wrinkles, creases, and sags are inevitable as we age. Our Deep Chemical Peel is the most effective way to erase these signs of aging of the face. Your face is your most distinctive feature that shows or doesn’t show your age.

I have performed practically every type of facial rejuvenation surgery, from facelifts to aggressive laser resurfacing, and if I had only one choice of procedure to give excellent, long-lasting results for facial rejuvenation, it would be a chemical peel especially the deep peel. Deep peels give the most dramatic improvement of any rejuvenation treatment and lasts for 10 to 20 years. Results are most times better than laser resurfacing. You really can look 10 years younger without the overdone “Hollywood” look.

Peels are chosen based on the severity of the problem, skin type and the patients goals. They can be done in a series or one and done. With deeper peels, I.V. sedation and monitoring are needed. Sometimes an oral sedative and pain pill are all that is needed for your comfort during the peel. The amount of downtime for the patient after the peel is an important consideration. (Price per physician consultation)

Everything is considered when recommending a specific peel for each patient. The neck, chest, arms, hands and feet can also be peeled.

Chicken pox scars, acne scars, xanthelasma, and actinic keratosis can be individually addressed using the new C.R.O.S.S. (chemical resurfacing of skin scars.) technique with spot application of peel solution with little to no downtime and produce lasting, impressive improvement. The most difficult facial skin problems to treat are deep wrinkles of the upper lip and around the mouth. A deep peel of this area only can be done giving life long results.