What is Aesthetic Facial Contouring?

As we all age, there is a gradual loss of volume (mostly fat) of the face; the lower eyelids, cheeks, lips, temples, eyebrows and around the mouth. Lower lid bags can form with a trough to cause one to lo look tired even when we feel rested and energetic. Adding volume in the form of safe synthetic fillers can make a huge improvement in ones face by restoring lost volume and giving a little lift to the cheeks. Fillers plump lines and erase creases around the mouth extremely well.
There are basically 2 types of fillers: ones that last about one year and a permanent one, Bellafill, that last many years. We can discuss these fillers in detail and together decide which one is right for you.

During the aging process, it is natural to lose volume in the face. This is a result of the skin losing its elasticity and strength, and can create a tired, worn out look. Wrinkles, fine lines, and thinness in the face can also make you look older than you actually are.

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